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Welcome to Groovy Woovy

Hello. My name is Steven McDade and I write comedy mobile games.

I do all the writing and coding and graphics and everything else (I'm so tired) and my other half Gillian is responsible for testing and telling me where I go wrong (which she enjoys). If you spot any errors, it is entirely Gillian's fault!

This website is a work in process. It really needs a picture of builder with a spade, which I think would illustrate this perfectly.

Going forward all my games will be published under the Groovy Woovy banner because, well, the clues in the name... it's groovy woovy... and, much to my surprise, SEGA had already been taken. (It was going to stand for Steven's Excellent Games Available Here... oh, that's SEGAH, I need to check if that's available!)

Feel free to get in touch with me via that lovely contact form below.