About Easy Art - Draw With Shapes

Easy Art - Draw WIth Shapes, exclusively to the App Store in 2019, is a fun and free drawing app which allows users to create pictures using shapes. By design, Easy Art allows users to jump right in, drawing shapes on a canvas. Basic creations come to life very quickly. What were rounded squares and circles become ears and eyes. It doesn't take long though to see how much power there is in Easy Art. Shapes can be rotated, flipped, moved and resized, creating 1,000,000s of combinations.

The Easy Art canvas is a grid, and shapes connect together with ease. Users don't have to worry about shapes not lining up to link together, they just do without any real effort, allowing the user to solely concentrate on their creations. A colour palette is available to change both shape and background colours, and users can use the provided colour scheme or easily change colours using RGB sliders. To give more detail to artwork, there's two shape layers. Shapes sits on top of each other, allowing intricate drawing, and there's options to change the alpha value of the layer and toggling of its visibility.

Easy Art is great for pixel artists too. Just draw using background colours and get the retro look which is so much in demand! I've designed Easy Art to allow users to quickly create artwork anywhere. It's great for mock-ups, masterpieces, or to simply relax and draw while listening to the Easy Art soundtrack. Finished artwork created in Easy Art can be quickly shared with others. Users can email their art to Groovy Woovy and we will showcase the best artwork on our website and social media.

There are no adverts in Easy Art, and there is no limitation on how many pictures free users can create, or the drawing tools they can use. The completely optional Premium IAP allows users to unlock more shapes to use in their drawings, and to support our development costs..


  • Easy to use drawing tools
  • 1,000,000s of shape combinations
  • Freely changeable colour palette
  • 3 layers with alpha and visibility options
  • Share your artwork
  • Designed for one-handed usage
  • Relaxing music, which can be turned off
  • No adverts for free users
  • Option IAP for extra shapes and support the developer





About Groovy Woovy

Groovy Woovy is an indie software company comprising Steven McDade and his other half Gillian Hardisty.

Steven writes, codes and does pretty much everything else (including writing this text) and Gillian performs beta testing and error checking duties.